Artwork Requirements

Our Artwork Requirements

Our printing uses CMYK colours (Cyan, Magento, Yellow and Black) we cannot guarantee results if you send us Pantone, or RGB references as we will have to try to match rather than have the precise colour. 

We require artwork to be supplied to scale, or scalable.  If your artwork is scalable, please tell us the scale you used. 

Colours you will see on your own screen, and/or printer may not be accurate to reality. We cannot guarantee to provide the colours you due to this, we will supply industry standard colours when printing

The colour black, can differ from printer to printer.  We advise that you provide Strong Black in your artwork, this is made from the following CMYK configuration. C30 M30 Y30 and K100.

Crop Marks and Bleeds should be included to ensure we have the exact size to cut to and an overlap of print so that when the artwork is cut the ink will go past the edge

All fonts should be supplied to as True Type Fonts, these can be copied from your fonts folder in your control panel, and attached to an email.  Otherwise they should be provided as outline or in curves.

Your image resolution is very important.  Pictures are made up of pixels (squares of a solid colour), if your resolution is low then the picture will have visible squares, especially if you are asking us to increase the size of what you have supplied.  Resolution should be 150-300 pixels to the inch (dpi).

We can accept 25mb via our email which in terms of artworks is sufficient, we also have an upload facility on our website HERE where any size can be uploaded.

We prefer artworks to be supplied in .pdf format.  However we can work with many others, eps, jpeg or gif for example.  We will try to work with you across many file formats to ensure you receive the best outcome.

Once we have received your artworks we will always ‘Proof’ it to you for ‘sign off’ please check for typographical errors as we do not know whether you are intentionally using diffrent types of spelling.  Example Colour and Color.

We can also produce artwork for you, rather than you providing it.  However; there will be a small charge for this service, based on time used and the costs of the purchase of relevant pictures.

If you need further help, please call us on 01733 855068 .

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